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Clean ups

Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up is exactly what it sounds like. From mid October to the end of November, we are in the final weeks of the growing season. We generally keep cleaning and cutting to Thanksgiving.

If the grass stops growing or continues to grow, we maybe earlier or later than Thanksgiving. Two of the past ten years we cut into December and one of the past ten years we didn’t make it to Thanksgiving. Grass continues to grow year round, if soil temperatures let it.

Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Ups are one of our specialties! A spring clean-up includes removing leaves, sticks and other winter debris from lawn.

We start by running a rake over the entire lawn, focusing attention on areas with large amounts of thatch, winter kill, and vole/mole damage. We edge all drives and walks. Blow winter debris out of ornamental beds.  Finally cut and bag all debris on lawn and leave it looking clean and ready for summer.

Clean ups

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